Taliyah: Heartbound

Rhaarini Aamiteshi

Original Characters

Rhaarini Aamiteshi
Ihakoono Tamaashi

A brief moment of the life of Nomaari, daughter of a family of goat and camel herders, out and about with a spirit friend of hers, Rhiili, as they play pretend with rocks and goat anklebones.

Software Used: Sketchbook Pro, Shotcut

A minha irmã voltou a casa!

A heartwarming slice of the realities of quarantine. An older sister returns home, and a younger sister celebrates seeing her again.

Software Used: Sketchbook Pro, Shotcut


A shadow-theatre inspired short play about the story of a Tesiirean boy, Imiiro, and his strange, but also strangely endearing love for masks.

Software Used: Sketchbook Pro, Adobe After Effects

Walk Cycle

Software Used: Toon Boom Harmony

A man looks at a stormy sky

Software Used: Sketchbook Pro, Shotcut


Software Used: Sketchbook Pro, Shotcut

Chito Sigh

Software Used: Lightwave 3D

Beatriz Loureiro Marques

Beatriz Marques is a visual development artist and animator based in Aveiro, Portugal. She has previously attended the Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts for Multimedia Art. She is currently looking for work or internships in television or cinema.She loves warm colours, and has a passion for language. When she's taking a break from drawing or writing, she's most likely mumbling about her next great idea, somehow inevitably involving rocks.

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